About Our Silica Gels

October 07, 2015

About Our Product

1) High absorbent: Made from sodium silicate, is a highly porous substance that can absorb up to 40% of its own weight, which makes this the highest absorption capacity of any commercially used silica gels.

2) Food grade silica gel: Our silica gels are non-toxic and 100% safe to be used with edibles.

3) Cobalt Chloride-free: Some silica gels have been impregnated with cobalt chloride that can cause significant health risks. Some of these risks include possibly causing cancer, along with skin and respiratory irritation. We offer a toxic free, safe alternative that does not contain cobalt chloride.

4) Environmentally friendly: Silica beads in our packets do not carry harmful environmental effects unlike other silica gels that contain cobalt chloride.

air lock seal fresh silica gel

Our products come with our stamp of commitment - Air Lock Seal

Silica Gel/Desiccant Uses

1. Lengthen freshness of food.

fresh food silica gel 

Silica gels does a great job in keeping your food fresh for longer. Especially for food types that easily captures moisture, adding a few silica gels into your packing will get the job done.

2. Maintain supplements and medication from losing potency.

supplements silica gel 

One or two packets in your bottles will go a long way.

3. Storage for bags, shoes and clothes. 

clothing storage silica gels

Have bags, shoes or clothes for storage? Place together with some silica gel packets to prevent your clothing/shoes from moulding/turning yellow. Have some items you hardly use and want to keep for long term storage? For greater effect, seal them in a plastic bag and place one packet of silica gel inside, you can ensure they will still look brand new after a year.

4. Dry flowers fast.

dry flowers silica gel 

Dry out flowers and any of your other arts & crafts with silica gels.

5. Keep camera equipment and other electronics dry.

silica gel for hardware equipment

A few packs in your camera bag and in your electronic storage compartment will preserve your gear.

6. Place inside your storage container.

 storage box with silica gel

Prevent storage goods from being damaged due to fungus and corrosion caused by moisture.

7. Place with your photos and albums.

keep silica gel with photo albums 

Keep silica gel packs where ever you store physical copies of your photos and albums to prevent damage due to mold and discoloration.

8. Keep condensation off of your camera lens.

camera gear store with silica gels 

Place your foggy lens and memory card in a bag with silica gel to dry it.

9. Silica gels work great for some of your favourite hobbies.

keep stamps with silica gels
other hobbies with silica gels

Place silica gels with your favourite collections such as stamps, coins, currency notes, plastic figures, nendoroids, etc to ensure they stay looking brand new.

What makes our product unique?

silica gel packing machine

In order for the silica beads to become silica gel packets, they are machine packed to our specific packet size requirement - 1 gram, 5 gram, 10 gram, 50 gram, etc. 

But before we send out the packets to you, there is a final packing procedure that is done. We take great care in this process and we are extremely proud that we do. All our silica gels are meticulously and neatly packed into plastic packages that are then adhesive sealed - locking in your package. This will prevent air (and moisture) from getting into your package and affecting your silica gels. So, you can be certain that when you receive your product, you are getting silica gels at the freshest level.
And this sets us apart from the rest.

Want to make purchase? Buy silica gelsoxygen absorbers and container desiccants.

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