My lumpy fish oil capsule

May 19, 2015

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As a daily health supplement, one of the few things I take is fish oil capsules. Few months back, I kept one fish oil bottle in the fridge, thinking it would prolong the freshness of the capsules. However, after a few days, I started to realize that the soft capsules (also called softgel/vegicaps) were quite lumpy, they were no longer firm and solid as how they should be. This is due to the condensation in the bottle being in contact with the softgels, making them even softer ;)

Anyway, I knew that a small packet of silica gel would resolve this matter and help get the softgels back to their original shape. I placed a 5 gram silica gel into the bottle and within 3 days, the fish oil capsule was firm again, making it so much easier to swallow ;)

This is why you would see silica gels in almost all vitamins & supplement bottles, in order to reduce the moisture level within the bottle and to keep the product fresh!


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