Difference between silica gel and oxygen absorber

February 20, 2019

Below are the differences between silica gel and oxygen absorber

Silica Gel

silica gel silicagelly

Silica gels are made of porous silicon dioxide which reduces moisture and condensation, allowing the stored items to remain dry even during humid and damp conditions. You can find them in all sorts of packaging, ranging from vitamin bottles, dry foods, shoe boxes, bags and even computer accessories. The main function of silica gels is to inhibit moisture, thus preventing mould and helping keep your items last longer. Silica gel is recommended if you wish to reduce the humidity level of your packaging and enhance the life of your items.

Oxygen Absorber

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Oxygen absorbers are packets that contain iron fillings, salt and clay. How it works is that the clay provides moisture, and works with the salt to activate the iron fillings. This process starts as soon as the oxygen absorbers are exposed to oxygen. What happens is that the iron fillings will start to deoxidise, forming rust which will then release nitrogen. The lack of oxygen and presence of nitrogen helps keep items last longer as it prevents bacteria and mould to grow. Oxygen absorber is recommended if you wish to maintain the level of humidity in your packaging and also extend the freshness of your items.

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