Protect goods in your shipping container

February 27, 2019

shipping container

The cargo and goods in your shipping container are valuable. Why risk the chance of them getting spoilt or damaged? 

Our container desiccant  is specially formulated for the shipping container and large room environments that are designed to reduce the relative humidity within a large space. By reducing the level of humidity, our container desiccant protect cargo and goods from moisture damage during transit or even when idle. Each container desiccant pole is neatly packaged and comes with a hang string for those who prefer to hand their container desiccant in the said space.

For a 20 ft container, you will require about 20 1kg poles, and for a 40 ft container, double that which is 40 1kg poles.

All our high grade container desiccant products are made of non-toxic and recyclable materials.

We ship free of charge using express shipping within Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore.

If you wish to view our other products for humidity control in your boxes/packages, check our silica gels and oxygen absorbers.

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